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Envisioned in 1998 in the perfectly, (don't get too picky now), sane mind of Paul "SaneMule" Richardson, Sane City Limits became a reality in 2002.


Sane Mule & Motorcycle Trade Co, the only enterprise in "Sane", provides the unusual and exceptional Service-Customizing-Undertaking, for all types of motorcycles, specializing in Harley Davidson and Goldwings., customer support, and insane prices that can't be beat, proving that life doesn't have to be insane to ride.  We do this because we want to, not just to make a buck.

"Quaint, that's what they called us, quaint!  Next thing you know, they'll be using words like cute and pretty.  Well, ain't he cute?  That's just not right.  This is a motorcycle shop.  Our only colors are black and chrome.  You may use words like cool, tough, slick, bad, crazy, well, you get the idea.  But, understand this now, words like cute, pretty and quaint should be left for the Bed and Breakfast set.  We're more of the lapland hillbilly set."


Through our commitment, experience, expertise, hunger and desire to pay the bills Sane Mule & Motorcycle Trade Co. strives to build a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Call Sane City Limits at (417) 628-3080 today!

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